MAGNIFICENT SEVEN is a small, independent brand inspired by a lifestyle of wearing a dress everyday of the week for the modern woman. At Magnificent Seven, we believe in quality construction, unique craftsmanship, and enduring design.
The clothing is produced from men's shirting fabrics which creates soft, durable, and smartly tailored pieces.
Every Magnificent Seven piece creates a timeless silhouette that is ideal for all figures and is the new staple in any wardrobe. Ditch the jeans and t-shirt uniform! Magnificent Seven is meant to be worn. Set apart with washable fabrics, lined skirts, an easy step-in style, and made local in Los Angeles.

My idea behind Magnificent Seven all started when I was feeling frumpy, bored and a little blue.  I broke my hand in a few places a while back and couldn't really do much so a lot of my time was spent laying on the sofa.  During that time I wanted a dress I could wear seven days a week but not feel too dressed up. A comfortable, washable dress I could vacuum in, go get groceries, and then back to the sofa.
Magnificent Seven isn't about fast fashion that you throw away after a few months.  It's about timeless, quality made pieces that make you feel feminine without the fuss.

Kendra Fleharty
Owner & Designer